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Wyoming State Sovereignty

The federal government's powers are only those granted by the U.S. Constitution and everything else should be left up to the state and the citizens it represents.

For the 2023 General Session, I co-sponsored HB0212 Statutory standing committees-federal review.


By God's design, all babies begin life at conception. Further, I believe legislators must work to promote adoption instead of abortion.

For the 2023 General Session, I co-sponsored HB0152 Life is a Human Right Act and SF0109 Prohibiting chemical abortions. 

2nd Amendment

Should you be afraid of your government or should your government be afraid of you? This right protects every freedom we have and it must always be upheld.

For the 2023 General Session, I co-sponsored HB0250 Stop Red Flags Act and SF0135 Repeal gun free zones-government buildings and meetings. 

Medical Freedom

Per the Wyoming Constitution, every individual has the right to make their own decisions for personal medical care without government interference or coercion.

For the 2023 General Session, I co-sponsored HB0066 Prohibiting mask, vaccine and testing discrimination and HB0119 Medical prescriptions-off label purposes.

Trustworthy Representation

An elected official who does not listen to the people they represent should not be in office.

The primary election demonstrated that Wyoming voters will hold their elected officials accountable.

What We Are Facing


With property taxes rising at an alarming rate and proposed increases to necessities including fuel, the Wyoming legislature has done little to help the citizens they have sworn to serve. 

For the 2023 General Session, I co-sponsored SF0104 Property tax-mill levy adjustment.

Limited Government

In the past few years, we have seen what happens when government seizes the power that is endowed to the people. I will work to give control back to you, the rightful owner!

For the 2023 General Session, I co-sponsored HB0239 Vehicle idling-decriminalization.

Wyoming Energy Protection

We need to take quick, decisive action to shield our energy producers from the leftists' climate change agenda and use these resources to boost Wyoming's economy.

Election Integrity

Crossover voting and the need for a primary runoff are issues that need to be solved so the people of Wyoming know their voice is being heard and their vote is not diminished by outside influences.

For the 2023 General Session, I co-sponsored SF0086 Voter identification-concealed carry permit.

School Choice

Parents should be able to choose the best form of education for their children and be certain that education dollars follow the student.

I am opposed to social indoctrination, including CRT and gender ideology, in publicly funded education. Students should be taught true history and facts in public schools; it is the responsibility of parents to educate their children on social issues.

Biological males should not be allowed to participate in female sports or use female restrooms and locker rooms. Growing up is hard enough; let's let our girls have the opportunity to enjoy and succeed in sports.

For the 2023 General Session, I sponsored HB0220 Prohibiting pornography in schools. I co-sponsored HB0087 Crimes of obscenity-revisions, HB0194 Wyoming freedom scholarship act, HB0205 Ban on teaching and training critical race theory, SF0143 Wyoming freedom scholarship act-2, SF0174 Wyoming charter school authorizing board.

Reduce Regulations

Entrepreneurs are able to thrive when the heavy hand of government is lifted. As a small business owner myself, I am passionate about making sure employers have the ability to decide what is best for their business.

Medicaid Expansion

This issue comes up every year in the legislature. The price tag for Wyoming would probably lead to the necessity of a state income tax, which none of us want to see. I am opposed to Medicaid expansion and will vote to not expand Medicaid in Wyoming.

I would love to hear from you on any of these issues or other concerns that you have. After all, representing you is my purpose.

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