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Wyoming stands at a crossroads that will determine the course of our state for the future. In the last two years, we have seen how far the government can overreach and how fast our liberties can dissolve. If you are like me, you thought that Wyoming would be different. Unfortunately, we all watched as our state leadership followed lock step and refused to acknowledge the sovereignty of Wyoming or the individual autonomy of its citizens. As a republican state, true conservative values seem to fly away in the Wyoming wind. In the legislature, I will fight to keep our conservative values and individual autonomy where it belongs--with you. Our Constitution safeguards freedom by limiting the government's access into our lives. At the crossroads before us now, we can fight to keep that limitation, or we can allow the government to delegate aspects of our lives. I know which road I want to be on, and I will work hard to protect the freedom that our Constitution describes and that God grants you.

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